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  LCHS Music Programs  

Our Mission


The Lakes Community High School Music Ensembles encourage and promote academic excellence with a rehearsal and performance schedule that is compatible with the student's academic responsibilities.  Members are involved in concerts, trips, and are an essential ingredient of school spirit at Lakes Community High School.



MUSIC is the most important aspect of the Lakes Community High School Music Programs. Music exists in our culture because it provides an aesthetic experience that is unlike any other.  No other art form can duplicate the kind of perception which results from expressing one's self through musical performance.  The person who performs in a musical organization is paving the way for future musical enjoyment, whether listening or performing. Although participation in music provides many non-musical benefits such as learning to work together, building a sense of responsibility, and feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride in doing something well, the primary purpose of each LCHS Music Ensemble is making MUSIC together. 

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